The Blue Puzzle Piece

Posted by on Apr 26, 2010 | 4 comments

I have gone back and forth about whether or not to mention this here, as I would like this site to remain politics-free.  However, I think this is important.

Don’t hate me, but I can’t deal with Autism Speaks anymore.  The blue puzzle piece just doesn’t speak for us.

There are lots of reasons behind this, but rather than get into them here, I’d like to direct you to Shannon at PITAUP, who does the job quite nicely here

There’s also an awesome group on Facebook where you can go to learn more – Help Tell The Truth About Autism Speaks.

Basically, I’ve been looking at this whole autism thing from the viewpoint of a parent.  My attitude changed when I thought about how Jack will present himself as an adult and what he’ll want out of life as an autistic individual.  I am his champion, his advocate and his biggest fan, and that’s a job I don’t take lightly.  I can’t support any organization that doesn’t recognize that what makes Jack different makes him amazing.

I will, however, wear their free t-shirt while cleaning.  I’m thrifty like that.

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  • I’m totally with you, and I love that you’re still finding a use for the T-shirt!

  • M

    This topic is SO HARD for me. Because Autism Speaks does a LOT of good. however they also? Do not agree with all the things I want, think, believe, and desire for my son. So I’m glad they exist for awareness reasons. Because that awareness has made a huge difference.

    I’ve been wanting to cut ties with them and think I may finally do just that. It’s hard to explain especially when they are THE BIG NAME but when you search deep it’s really…distressing. Where my views and their views differ. And considering how little time and money I have to spend? I’ll search more local.

    Thanks for making me think when I should be sleeping. Ass. xo

  • M

    Totally off topic….while at an early childhood conference there was this mother speaking (whackjob with a BUMPIT in her hair even weeeee) anyhow she said, repeatedly, the phrase “person with the condition of autism” oh. my. fucking. political. correct. horseshit. Now it has to be THE CONDITION OF AUTISM? Crimany. It made my head want to explode. I even wrote in my notepad “I hate the phrase ‘condition of autism’ and this bumpit woman” just a note to myself so I never forget Ms Bumpit and her fucking insane overpolite way of hiding the word AUTISM! AUTISTIC! FULL OF THE BIG A!!! (I like to say “the big a” it makes me feel cool. or dorkier than usual. whatever)

    When the hell are you going to be up here again? Not next weekend or anything since I’ll be in freaking Sacramento! GAH.

  • puglove 22001

    i feel so bad with people with autism because i know who someone wo jas autism and i didn’t know that until i watched a video about them and now i am more nicer to them and i don’t make them rush because if i had autism i would feel bad that people are making fun of me and i would hate it