A Cease-Fire… For Now

Posted by on Jun 12, 2010 | 0 comments

We’ve decided to call a cease fire in the potty war.  It’s not a truce, per se, but a break in the action until we get settled in our new home in Vancouver.

After several multi-hour standoffs -each ending in success and prizes, mind you – the war is still raging and threatening to become a disgrace on our parenting administration.  In the name of civility, and because Christine told us to, we’re backing off for now.  In truth, the battle had devolved into a power struggle, with both sides refusing to budge.  That’s no way to win.

Children love and fear change (don’t we all?), and we’re going through quite a big one here this week.  Everything we own is going into boxes, and in a matter of days we’ll be leaving our home, our city and our country behind.  Change is in the air, and my children can sense it. 

Jack has always been really good with being flexible within reason.  He can take a nap or skip one, he can miss a day of school or not.  But big change, like transitioning into a big boy bed, moving his brother into his room, or heck, moving to another country?  That sort of thing takes some getting used to.  In my own personal vendetta against the diaper, I managed to forget this very important rule in our household.

So, diapers are once again de rigeur for naps, and we’re going to enjoy our move to the best of our ability.  We’ll save the battles for another day.

Just don’t tell Jack.

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