A Present for My Brother

Posted by on Apr 13, 2010 | 2 comments

Lennon’s 3rd birthday is tomorrow.  I have wrapped all of his presents, I have baked his cake, I have planned (and rescheduled twice) his party for this weekend.  As I was bustling around the kitchen, Jack asked me what I was doing.  “Baking Lennon’s birthday cake!”

“What are we doing tomorrow?” I asked him.  We often discuss the next day’s events, both to keep them fresh in mind, and so there are no big (read = unwelcome) surprises.

“Lennon’s birthday!!!  Cake!!  Presents!!”

Jack’s latest passion has been drawing.  A small forest has died in the name of the art currently filling our home.  Trains, trains on tracks, semi trucks, guys driving semi trucks and trains, fish, moons, “wavy designs,” and today, big x’s fill piles of paper, front and back.  I asked Jack if he would like to draw a picture for his brother’s birthday as a present.

“Yes!!  I need tape!!”

“Well, first you need to draw it.”

“Yes, and then I need tape!!!”

I sent him off with paper and his prayons (Lennon’s pronunciation), and he got to work.  Several times he came back asking for tape.  Several times I reminded him that he needed to finish first.

Dinner came and went, and bedtime approached.  I retired to the bedroom to nurse my sprained ankle while Daddy took over the nighttime duties.  Soon I heard a small knock on the door.

“I need tape!!” 

Jack produced his creation – a lovely jumble of letters.  He had written Lennon’s name, his own, and an amalgam of k’s and squiggles.  “It’s for Lennon!  It’s for my brother!”

We rolled it up, and I wrapped some gift wrap around it.  I gave him the tape and let him do the honors.  He very delicately sealed the package, and left the ends of the tube open.

“Now we have to put presents in it!!  We need toys!!”

Hm.  It appears I have some shopping to do.

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