Always Be Thankful

Posted by on Mar 18, 2010 | 1 comment

One of the quirks of the autistic mind is it needs to be taught things us “normal” folk supposedly pick up through social interactions. Things like looking someone in the eye when speaking, laughing when it’s appropriate (see previous post) and the rules of being polite. With Jack, once he learns a rule, it’s down. He’s got it, and applies it whenever necessary.

Jack is an extremely polite child.

When he wants milk, he says “please may I have some milk?” and thanks me immediately when it’s given.

When I cut his hair, he says “oooooh thank you!” after each snip (even after throwing a fit that I’m about to do it).

Today I had to take his temperature, round the backside.


I wasn’t sure if I should say “you’re welcome” to that one or not.




Are your kids polite in strange situations?

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