Autism is Contagious

Posted by on Apr 4, 2010 | 0 comments

My home needs to be under quarantine today, as we all have apparently come down with a nasty case of autism.  I did not realize that autism was contagious, but that’s the only logical explanation for the state of my family.

Jack, of course, is his usual spring-break-induced superhero self.  On our trip to Target today he flopped about on the floor much like a fish the size of a 4 1/2 year old child.  Very convenient for the other shoppers.

Kieran caught it first, deciding his sippy cup was an inferior water vessel and only accepting mama’s cup with a straw.  To the point that he repeatedly threw his sippy to the ground (rather than hand it to me, as that would not properly have made his point).

Lennon then got a water spot on his shirt, and had to take it off right now.  Now.  Nooooow.  Not a stain, not soaked, just one bit of water.  But here in Autism Quarantine Acres, that’s enough to be a national tragedy.

Not to be outdone, mama  had to hide away in a quiet spot from loud noises for a little while. 

Daddy appears to be immune to this outbreak for now.  We may have to tap his blood to make a vaccine.


Has autism spread through your home?

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