Jack the Explorer Giant

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Jack’s imagination fascinates me nowadays.  He has entire worlds in his head, and I’m getting glimpses of them here and there.  Lately, he’s been talking to his fingers.  Rather, his fingers have been talking to me.

Brother and Sister

It took me a bit to realize the stilted voice he was using during play was “another person,” as I initially thought he was talking for his toy trucks and trains and planes.  As I listened while making dinner one night, though, I caught pieces of a three-way conversation.

“Who are you talking to, Jack?” I asked.

“Brother and Sister are riding in the plane,” he said, simply.  He had his hand in a small plane as it flew around the room.  I called him over to the stove and started asking questions about “Brother and Sister,” desperately hoping we weren’t heading into “The Shining” territory.

What I discovered is “Brother and Sister” are Jack’s fingers.  They don’t have a dad and a mom, but they’re not lost, because they have Jack. They do not have a house.  They go to school with Jack, but they don’t need to learn French, because they don’t have any language.  When Jack speaks English, they speak English, and when Jack speaks French, they speak French.

His fingers say Jack is a giant, but he’s an explorer giant, not a scary giant.

Brother and Sister are around a lot.  They ride in the van, they play in Jack’s trains and other toys, and sometimes they converse with Lennon, too.  Mainly, though, they are Jack’s little buddies.

I wonder how long Brother and Sister are going to hang around with Jack the Explorer Giant.  Considering I never thought Jack would have an imaginary friend (or two), I’m pretty happy they’re here.  At least as long as Brother doesn’t change his name to Tony.

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