Julia's Transformation

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You may recall, Jack has a train named Julia.  Julia has always been a boy, contrary to his feminine name.  Most of Jack’s trains have girl monikers, many taken from the women in his life.  Names aside, they’ve always been boys.


Not to say Jack didn’t know the difference between the sexes; he had Little People girls and other toys that were decidedly female.  For some reason, though, the trains were all boys (it makes sense – there are very few girls on the Island of Sodor and wherever those Geo Trax trains live).

Last week, that all changed.  We were at an indoor playground teeming with children when Jack heard a parent call out for their child.

“Julia!”  Jack thinks all things Julia begin and end with his black steam engine, so his interest was piqued.  Much to his surprise, the child who responded was, in fact, a little girl.  Jack spent the rest of his time at the playground following the little girl around and chatting about her name.

Jack went on about that Julia and his Julia the whole way home, and eventually came to a realization.

“I made a big mistake before,” he said.

“About what?” we asked.

“Julia.  Julia is a girl.  She’s a girl.”

“But isn’t Julia a boy?”  After two years, we had finally gotten used to calling Julia “he” instead of “she.”

“Nope, I made a big mistake before.”  And that, as they say, was that.  Julia is a girl.  Indeed, now Joy, Fairy, Merry and Miss Elana the trains are all girls now, too.

Change has come to the playroom.

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