Pleasure and Pain

Posted by on Mar 14, 2010 | 2 comments

Jack often has inappropriate emotional responses to things.  He screams at Elmo (honestly, that’s not so inappropriate, really), barely flinches when the baby punches him in the face, and when someone gets hurt, he laughs.  I mean really laughs.  Belly shaking, rolling, tears falling down laughter.

Baby falls down?  Giggles.  Lennon hits his head?  Snorts.  The biggest guffaws, however, are reserved for the joyous time when Mama or Daddy gets hurt.  When (not if, mind you) that happens, it’s like Christmas every day.  He laughs and laughs and laughs.  And then he giggles some more.  The other day I almost broke my toe and he fell off the couch it was so darned hilarious.  Why are we paying for cable again?

We always noticed the laughter as we were wincing in pain, but it took a while before we realized the golden egg our goose was laying.  We could make the child smile on command.

We tested this theory one day at the park.  I held the camera while David “hurt himself” and said “ouch.”  A giggle.  David said it louder.  A laugh.  “OUCH!!!”  Rolling laughter and a big, beautiful smile.  I clicked away.

Those are some of the best photos we have of Jack.

Jack laughing 1


Jack laughing 2


Jack laughing 3


I can now injure myself at will.



Has your child ever had an inappropriate (but hilarious) reaction to something?


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