That Would Be A Little Easier

Posted by on Sep 10, 2010 | 0 comments

Where last we left off, we had taken a break in the potty training battle.  Life in limbo was unstable enough without throwing something completely new into the mix.

Just when we thought it would never happen, about a month ago we finally moved into our own home.  At that point, both big boys had already decided that going in the potty was an alright thing to do.  Downright cool, actually.  Except for nighttime and naps, that part was a done deal.

Of course, we still had the daunting Number Two to tackle.  Lennon caught a stomach flu which had him going several times a day, so we started just throwing him on the potty instead.  It actually worked.  By the time his flu had passed, he was at least telling us when he had to go.

When we moved into our new place, we bribed him with a lusted-after toy (a “Mac” semi from “Cars”) if he could go in the potty five days in a row.  Halfway through Lennon’s chart, Jack took notice.

He asked what the chart was for, and where his was.  We made one for him, too, and discussed the terms of the deal.  Five days in a row, in the potty.  Five days and you win (surprise, surprise, Jack wanted a “Mac,” too).

Jack thought on it for a few seconds.  Then he looked at me with that “let’s make a deal” twinkle in his eye.

“I want one without going poopie, mama.  That would be a little easier.”

Ahem.  Yes, yes it would.  I persisted.  We had already rewarded him for merely trying, and I was convinced he just didn’t feel like it.

Miracle of miracles, he did it.  Not only did he complete his five days, he goes by himself now.  In fact, both of my big boys have been diaper-free for several weeks now.  And while Lennon usually has a nighttime accident, Jack hasn’t had any.  Not one.

Stubborn kid.  I’m pretty sure he was just waiting for the right bribe.

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