The Right Color

Posted by on May 11, 2010 | 2 comments

I adore logic.  It makes sense, it’s nice and simple, and it’s my favorite part of most standardized testing.  Jack likes logic, too.  Of course, so do most young kids trying to make sense of the ridiculous language most of us speak here. 

English is tricky, even for native speakers, and quite often it doesn’t stand up to logic.  Just ask any poor soul in an ESL class the grammatical difference between tough and trough and through.  Seriously, ask them; they might actually know.  I’d explain it, but it’s giving me a headache.

The early years of navigating the treacherous grammar waters can create some of the best stories from childhood.  Every parent has a story wherein their child has said some hilariously inappropriate thing in the quest for perfect grammar (and please, share them below!!).

When you add autism into the mix, the logic and the learning collide with fascinating results.  I really need to start making a list of all of the wild things Jack comes up with.  Like today, where he told me that he is “THE man,” and I am the “WHOA-man.”  I’ll take that.  It’s very “So I Married An Axe Murderer.”

Sometimes it’s a simple observation that will fly by if I’m not paying attention.  On our walk this weekend, I was lucky to catch one that made me stop in my tracks.

We were admiring flowers as we walked down the street, noting the beautiful, bright yellow roses.  Above the roses were Birds of Paradise that for some reason were really drab instead of bright orange and red.

“Those Birds of Paradise aren’t the right color,” I noted.  I’d never seen them like that before.

Without missing a beat, Jack smiled.  “The roses are the left color.” 

Why yes, yes they are.  I love that kid’s mind.

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